“I was told by my podiatrist for over 18 months that he could do nothing more to help me with the swelling in my right leg and that orthotics were the only way to help manage my pain. Three treatments with Anj and not only has the pain gone away, but I was able to ditch the orthotics and wear normal shoes again. Thanks, Anj!”

-DK, 74 y/o


“For the past weeks, I’ve been visiting Anj Lum for both facial and health-related acupuncture. After only a few treatments, the lines around my mouth and eyes are considerably diminished, and my skin is plumper and pinker.

Anj is direct but gentle in her approach. Her strong base of knowledge, her top-notch skills, and her empathy make her an excellent clinician; and her attention to aesthetic details in her healing environment put the treat into treatment! I highly recommend her as an acupuncturist.”

-Lynn Sheldon
Office Manager, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Clinic


“Not only is Anj confident, skilled, gentle, and effective, but she is also very warm, comforting, disarming, empathetic, intuitively gifted, and deeply invested in the well-being of her patients. I never feel judged or uncomfortable being completely honest with her during our sessions. Instead, I feel unconditionally respected, cared for, and educated about my health and healthier choices I could be making.”  

-RLS, 36 y/o


“Anj has a wonderful personality and is very sensitive to my needs as a client.  She is very thorough in  her intake with me and makes sure that I am comfortable at all times.  Anj and I have been working on Facial Rejuvenation and the results are beginning to show.  I feel well rested and relaxed after my treatments and would highly recommend Anj Lum to anyone seeking the Facial Rejuvenation treatments. Thank you, Anj!!”  

-MW 48 y/o


“I had some issues going on, I've always wanted to do Acupuncture but didn't know how to pick a good Acupunctist & what details consider one to be good. So I did some research. Not everyone is a TRUE Acupunctist! A TRUE Acupunctist has to graduate with 4 years of knowledge & years of hands on experience. And actually has to be licensed, opposed to other people who claim their Acupuncturist but only have a few hours of study in sit-down class environment with a video. If you read up on this you will be amazed how many people practice acupuncture but aren't truly licensed, they just hold a certificate. I didn't want someone with just 3 months of study in a class to work on me. I truly made the right decision to make a appointment & have Anj work on me. Now I tell eveyone & try to educate people on what a TRUE Acupuncturist is, and Anj is a outstanding & rare Acupuncturist and Herbalist!”  

-RJ 41 y/o


“If you're new to acupuncture, Anj is the person to see. She is absolutely incredible! When I first walked into her office, I didn't know what to expect. What I've discovered is that the results are amazing. Anj did Electro Acupuncture by Voll (EAV) on me to determine where my energy was interrupted or stuck. Based on those tests, I made a few changes and started to feel better and experience weight loss. Her treatments always help to relieve any symptoms I'm experiencing. She is simply the best! ”  

-Beth Majersky